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Lift with Kite, Table, Trapeze for an exit. Possibility of replacement: during the entire rental period, the replacement can be made between different sizes and models, so as to find the table of the perfect size for you. Or again, if the wind changes you can safely switch from a PRO table to a light table.

  • PONTOON $ 40QM

Take off, landing, shuttle service, support

Not included

Private care

Bring along

Bathing suit and towel

Important information

The material can only be changed between sessions, not during the session.

Further information

The Pontoone is the new boat of Beekite specific for the lift service currently the largest on Lake Garda. 10 meters long and 4 wide, the “Pontoone” can carry up to 25 people, in addition to all the necessary equipment. Its size and comfort allows us to launch in just 30 min up to 22 kiter, in this way the last one will not risk losing the session. Powered by a 100 hp engine, the “Pontoon” will take you quickly, from time to time in the windy areas of the lake and will give you the opportunity to “surf” the beautiful waters of Lake Garda from the first to the last breath of wind, in complete safety and without the nightmare of long walks.The large space at the bow of 16 sqm. is a perfect launching platform from which “the captain” who will accompany you and assist you in your shuttle, after inflating the kite with the aid of a compressor, will assist you relauching your kite and you will only have to enjoy it long and in wide wind and lake.At the end of the exit you will be recovered together with your equipment and brought back comfortably to the ground, and along the way you can enjoy the view, listen to some music and maybe sip a cold beer.


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